Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer (ovarian carcinoma) is a rare and often difficult-to-treat disease. In Austria, about 600 women per year are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In its early stages, ovarian cancer causes few symptoms. As a result, about 80% of all cases are diagnosed only in late stages (tumor stage FIGO III-IV).

At these stages, there are already tumor metastases outside the pelvis. A fully comprehensive clinical, but also imaging clarification is inevitable in this situation. In the best case, the clinical examination is performed by the attending physician. If surgery is possible in this situation, it should be performed by a designated specialist in gynecologic oncology. Indeed, the absence of tumors after surgery is extremely important for an optimal prognosis.

As a certified gynecologic oncologist of the European Society of Gynecologic Oncology (ESGO), I will be happy to advise you on possible further steps.